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Union Avoidance Strategies

Are you familiar with the pending Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA)? If and when the Employee Free Choice Act passes in 2008, employers need to be ever more proactive with union avoidance strategies. Under the Act, unions would now require only signed authorization cards for union recognition, without the need to hold any secret ballot election. This will be a MAJOR "win" for the unions, making employers easy targets for organizing efforts.

Are you prepared in the event your business is targeted by a union organizer?

Do your leaders understand the liable, costly consequences of poor leadership and low employee morale?

The Stolp Group can assist your organization with proactive Union Avoidance Training. Structured in workshop format, our training assists organizational leaders with the understanding of the EFCA, the implications of the EFCA, and the preventative measures that buffer future or anticipated attacks. The training also includes drafting "Elevator Speeches", so in the event an employee raises the notion of a union, his/her leader understands how to both properly and legally respond.

In addition to the workshop, The Stolp Group can also assist your organization by uncovering your vulnerable pressure points through the conduction of our Union Vulnerability Assessment. This assessment will acknowledge any danger areas in which an organizer or any other unwarranted outsider can capitalize.

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